The S2Kilimanjaro Difference: We’re Working Harder for Your Safety and Success on Kilimanjaro 

Experience Matters  S2 is a group of world class mountaineers bringing their skills, experience and education to entry level climbing on Kilimanjaro. We’ve organized and led expeditions all over the world, including the Seven Summits, with great success. You’ll be with the very best on Kilimanjaro, and we’re committed to your safety and success all the way to the summit and back. Our goal is to be the very best guide service on Mt. Kilimanjaro. To that end, S2 is redefining traditional guiding standards to prepare you for the summit well in advance of your departure.

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Climber Success   We don’t take any mountain lightly, and we approach our profession with a humble respect for the alpine landscape. Our success is a result of careful planning and preparation at the individual level, beginning months in advance of departure. We are available to our team members on an individual basis to assist in their personal preparation and planning – we want you to summit! We have a high success rate because of the commitment we make to our members.

Personal Performance Assessments  We understand and appreciate that climbing Kilimanjaro requires significant time, effort and expense. It’s usually a once in a lifetime opportunity. We extend an invitation to individuals interested in climbing Kilimanjaro to join us in the Blue Ridge Mountains (Virginia) for a personal assessment of your overall fitness and preparation for Kilimanjaro before you make a payment to us. Our guides will evaluate your overall ability, strengths and weaknesses, including physical and mental fitness. While it’s important to understand individual weaknesses, we emphasize success built on identification and improvement of existing strengths. If you’re not ready, we’ll tell you why and provide recommendations on how to improve your performance so that you can be ready. The majority of members who have climbed Kilimanjaro with S2 have committed to a trip eight months or more in advance of departure. This gives members a sufficient amount of time to ensure they’re fully prepared.

Conditioning Treks  You’ll have the opportunity to participate in regularly scheduled conditioning treks with S2 guides to help prepare for your climb to the summit of Kilimanjaro. Members are invited to join us for weekend conditioning treks in the Blue Ridge Mountains (Virginia). These treks include personal instruction and are specifically designed to both evaluate and improve your performance. Can’t join us for a conditioning trek? No problem – we’re available to consult on your fitness and conditioning over the phone.

Meet Your Guide and Team  We recommend members participate in regularly scheduled team conference calls (typically three calls leading up to departure) to learn about trip developments, and to collaborate with guides and fellow team members. We also provide initial instruction on acclimatization, gear selection, conditioning and other important topics during these calls.

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Guiding you Through Gear  Whether you’re concerned about how cold it is at the summit or sleeping comfortably in a tent at altitude, we’ve got you covered. You’ll have the opportunity to conduct gear trials with your guide during your assessment and conditioning treks. We’ll help you identify problems quickly and provide professional advice on product selection. Need a pack fitting? Are those new boots a little tight in the toe box on a downhill slope? Not sure what a hydration pack is or if you should use a bottle insulator on summit day? We know gear and we’ll share our experience to make sure your trip is comfortable and enjoyable.

Competitive Pricing  We appreciate that climbing Kilimanjaro is a significant investment of time, effort and money.  We regularly compare our pricing with competitors to ensure trip pricing is both fair and reasonable. More importantly, we compare professional experience, operating standards and quality of service.  We attempt to maintain pricing that is competitive while maintaining a level of quality that is unsurpassed. Members previously participating in S2 trips consistently report the value of our service is excellent and they return to climb with us again.

Social Responsibility  S2 is committed to fairness, equity and opportunity for our staff.  Our business model incorporates compensation for local staff that exceeds industry standards. S2 is also partnered with Project Darasani, a grass-roots, non-profit organization dedicated to expanding the availability of primary school education to children in the Arusha area.  Best of all, Project Darasani’s leadership is composed of high school students and young adults – the next generation of leaders.  We invite you to learn more about Project Darasani at

Our Food is Awesome  We may be a little biased, but we serve up the best food on the mountain! Your meals are prepared by a professional, high altitude chef in a tent facility dedicated to meal preparation. Served in a team dining tent, your meals are appointed with fresh fruits, vegetables, proteins and, oh yes, tasty deserts. We commonly have birthday celebrations, too. We are also pleased to accommodate any diet restrictions members may have. We regularly collaborate with members to ensure their meals are prepared with suitable ingredients. If we’re unable to accommodate a diet restriction with food available in Tanzania, we’ll ship appropriate meal ingredients from the United States – that’s how committed we are!

State of the Art Planning  Our comprehensive operational platforms for medevac, communication, security, logistics and climbing operations means your trip is thoughtfully planned for safety, success and your convenience. Our leadership and organizational behavior is premised on a rare and powerful combination of mountaineering, military and private industry experience.

Your Security in Tanzania is Important  S2 is regularly updated on local and international security threats to ensure our members are traveling with confidence. Prior to departure, S2 staff conduct an independent evaluation of security reports from both local and international government agency sources. We share this information with our members and discuss any concerns as a part of our overall security assessment. We also provide in-country security briefings to our members upon arrival to promote safety and situational awareness. We are pleased to report that we have had no significant security threats during the entire time we have operated in Tanzania.