S2Kilimanjaro is proud to support the efforts of Project Darasani, a student run, non-profit organization providing educational opportunities to Tanzania’s most vulnerable and at risk children.  The word “darasani” means “classroom” in the Swahili language. Based in Atlanta, Georgia, Project Darasani began its work in 2013 as a 501(c)(3) organization operated entirely by volunteers in the United States and Tanzania. Volunteers take action at the grass-roots level by providing school supplies and funding enrollment for children to attend local schools.


Background   Inspired by a visit to Tanzania with her family, Project Darasani was founded by Saloni Sharma in 2013.  Saloni witnessed the stark poverty of a developing country where families must regularly choose between food and education.  Moved by the experience, Saloni jumped into action and started Project Darasani with high school classmates in Atlanta. Project Darasani support has now expanded to Virginia, Michigan and Canada. Focused on a simple, grass-roots mission to fight long term poverty through education, the organization believes an educated child is empowered to lift himself from poverty.


Critical Needs  Although primary school education in Tanzania is provided by the government through public schooling, children are required to pay fees for infrastructure (e.g. buildings), security, books, uniforms, writing material and other common items necessary for school.

  • 68% of Tanzanian families live on less than US$1.25 per day (US$456 a year), while the average cost of schooling one child is US$120 a year.
  • Over 20% of the students supported by Project Darasani have HIV or are orphaned children of parents who suffered from AIDS.
  • Project Darasani emphasizes support to children in the slums of Majengo village near Arusha.
  • You can sponsor a child’s education and change a life for only $120.
  • Project Darasani is entirely volunteer based.  That means the money you donate directly supports children in Tanzania.

Team Darasani  Project Darasani has project volunteers in Georgia, Virginia, Michigan and in Vancouver, Canada. They organize fundraising events and conduct school supply donation drives. There are two volunteers in Arusha, Tanzania that work with local schools to ensure funds are used as intended and directed by the organization’s mission.  These liaisons also regularly check on the progress of students sponsored by Project Darasani.


Making a Difference  A grass-roots organization, Project Darasani started by sending 16 students to school in 2013, its first year of operation. The number grew to 33 students the following year and 76 in 2015.  Numbers continue to trend upward as the organization develops.  In addition, Project Darasani has distributed over 31,000 school supply items to schools and orphanages in the Arusha area.  We hope you’re as optimistic about the future as we are and encourage you to be a part of our team.

Become a Supporter  Please visit Project Darasani’s website at www.project-darasani.com to learn more about the mission, make a donation and learn how you can become more involved.