The thought of climbing Kilimanjaro is really cool!  Am I ready?

With S2Kilimanjaro, you will be!  The prospect of getting ready for a trip to Kilimanjaro can be overwhelming.  At S2, we believe personal planning and preparation is part of the fun and excitement.  We encourage members to make a personal commitment to climb Kilimanjaro well in advance of their departure date (usually 6-8 months) so that, together, we can focus on two key areas: 1) selection and proper use of personal equipment; and 2) physical and mental preparation.  

In an effort to provide the very best service and support, we encourage members to participate in team conference calls to check in on trip progress and consult with S2 guides leading up to departure.  S2 guides are also available to you on a personal basis to assist with questions ranging from pack selection to altitude acclimatization.   

S2Kilimanjaro offers personal assessments of your overall ability, strengths and weaknesses, including physical and mental fitness.  While it’s important to understand individual weaknesses, we emphasize success built on identification and improvement of existing strengths.  Members are invited to join us in the high country for regularly scheduled conditioning and assessment treks in preparation for their trip.  Our experience indicates climbers participating in these treks develop significant confidence and have a remarkable advantage on Kilimanjaro.   


Training develops mental toughness

The human body is an amazing creation, capable of withstanding extreme and challenging conditions. More frequently, it is mental weakness that overcomes the individual, causing them to question their ability to reach the summit. There are moments on every mountain where one experiences discomfort or questions their ability. Mental toughness is the quality that overcomes these conditions. Even the most highly experienced and “scrappiest” climbers submit to question, but they are also distinguished by their steely discipline and mental commitment.

Training develops physical fitness.

An individual with high physical and cardiovascular strength has a greater advantage of reaching the summit. As an individual climbs to higher elevation, there is a lower concentration of available oxygen in the air. Reduced oxygen availability requires the body to work harder, decreases stamina, and increases fatigue. A physically fit individual is better prepared to withstand these rigorous conditions.

Training makes your mountaineering experience more enjoyable

The high alpine environment is a spectacular place, and the achievement of getting there can be a dream or a nightmare. The difference between having appreciation of your surroundings or needing to concentrate on how to accommodate your discomfort will be determined in large part by your fitness. Take your health seriously and train properly – the mountains demand it.