Kilimanjaro Schedule

Why Climb Kilimanjaro in June and December Although Kilimanjaro can be climbed throughout the year, that doesn’t mean it’s prudent to do so.   Our experience suggests climbing in June and December optimizes a balance between a number of factors, including weather, route conditions and volume of permitted trekkers. We also have a preference for certain routes for their aesthetic quality. Bottom line – you have a more comfortable and enjoyable experience.   In addition, wildlife viewing is favorable during these months for members planning a safari.  If you don’t see a trek that accommodates your schedule, please call us.  S2 will customize independent treks for groups of four or more.

Kili Summit Trek (N. Circuit/10 Days) January 7-16, 2021        
Kili Summit Trek (Lemosho/10 Days) June 6-15, 2021 $5675
Kili Summit Trek (Rongai/9 Days) June 16-24, 2021 $5290
Kili Summit Trek (N. Circuit/10 Days)  June 25-July 4, 2021 $5675
Kili Summit Trek (Lemosho/10 Days)  December 3-12, 2020 $5675
Kili Summit Trek (Rongai/9 Days) December 13-21, 2020     

Registration  Please fill out the application materials, including your contact information and a little about your background. You may upload your completed application using the link below, email it to us at, or mail it to us at 8220 Barningham Rd., Richmond, VA 23235. We will review your application and speak to you personally so we can make sure the trip is the right fit.

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Conditioning Trek Schedule

We love being in the back-country and would enjoy having you join us for some conditioning treks in the Blue Ridge. Our routes are typically 10-15 miles on moderate gradient – very pleasant.  If you’re new to trekking or even the outdoors, these treks are tailored to provide “light” instruction premised on safety and success in the back-country. Building your confidence is our goal. Best of all – it’s free and you’ll have the benefit of a highly qualified mountain guide with you the entire time.

Blue Ridge Conditioning Trek October 24, 2020
Blue Ridge Conditioning Trek December 5, 2020
Blue Ridge Conditioning Trek January 9, 2021
Blue Ridge Conditioning Trek February 13, 2021 Saturday
Blue Ridge Conditioning Trek March 20, 2021 Saturday


Where to Meet  Meet in the parking lot of the Holiday Inn Express at the corner of Gaskins and Hwy 64 in Richmond (9933 Mayland Drive, Richmond, VA 23233), just across from the Starbuck’s, at 6:00a. We’ll carpool to the trailhead from there after a quick stop for coffee.

What to Bring  These are strength and conditioning treks, so layering is a must. At a minimum, please bring snacks, water, warm socks, boots, a top and bottom base layer if the temperature is chilly, hiking pants or shorts, top layer, gore-tex jacket, trekking poles (optional), a hat and a great attitude. You should certainly modify this list according to your experience and personal comfort.

Who to Bring You are most welcome to extend an invitation to friends and family who would also like to join us. There is one caveat – some of our treks include team members preparing for expeditions overseas who are given priority. In an effort to reduce our impact in the back-country and keep group sizes enjoyable, we limit these treks to 8-10 participants. Although group sizes vary, our treks typically fill during peak climbing season.  Mark your calendar and RSVP early.

Registration Please drop us an e-mail if you would like to participate. We’ll add you to the list and stay in touch with details as the trek approaches.  You should expect to get a message from us the week of the trek to provide a weather report and updated information. Please don’t hesitate to contact us should you have any questions or concerns.